Ethan Ard

Mr. Ard has over 7 years of top-tier software development and program management experience, and an additional 4 years of high-level management consulting experience in private equity, banking, and insurance. Throughout his career, Mr. Ard has proven himself to be a highly qualified programmer, communicator, problem solver, and leader at some of the world’s most notable companies. Prior to joining Innovatus in 2016, Mr. Ard worked at McKinsey & Company as Engagement Manager. At McKinsey & Company, Mr. Ard was instrumental in changing external corporate cultures, discovering market opportunities, and improving business processes across a variety of unrelated industries. His strong leadership qualities helped streamline his clients’ businesses and earned him the distinction of Engagement Manager class captain for the class of 2013.

Before working at McKinsey, Mr. Ard was a summer intern at Wells Fargo Securities, where he created financial models, valuation materials, indicative financing terms, and client pitch books for multiple M&A, IPO, LBO, debt, and equity financing deals in the industrials group. As his first job out of university, Mr. Ard worked for Microsoft Corporation in Seattle, WA, where he served as Lead Program Manager. At Microsoft, he led the programming efforts on multiple storage optimization projects. His work was so well received that he was personally selected to meet privately with Bill Gates regarding the cloud storage competitive landscape and Microsoft’s acquisition targets. He was instrumental in the integration a $10 million acquisition that reduced Microsoft’s time-to- market by 6 months.

Mr. Ard received an Arts Baccalaureate from Harvard University with a concentration in Economics, and a MBA from the University of Michigan, where he graduated in the top 5% of his class with an emphasis on Finance and Corporate Strategy.

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